Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WOK - Corporate Identity of a Malaysian Brand

A branding assignment where we have to create our own Malaysian Brand for a Malaysia's product, which in my case is dodol.

Concept for brand name: My brand name is WOK, stands for frying pan used for cooking dodol and a calling name for young lady in Negeri Sembilan dialect, as a metaphor of the softness of dodol.

Concept for logo: Combination of the profile image of a wok with the rough fiber of coconut shell. Coconut is one of the main ingredient in cooking dodol.

Concept for paper bag & voucher: Illustration of dodol cooked in a wok with pattern and colour that shows the traditional element of dodol as part of Malaysia's heritage.

Concept for packaging: Using aluminium tin box to give a traditional value with the illustration of a kampung scene, working together to cook dodol. Pattern and colour shows the traditional and elegance of Malaysia's heritage.

Concept for website: A flash website using pattern and colour scheme that express the traditional and elegance of Malaysia's heritage. Coconut leaves used as transition and the dirt, rough texture give the feeling of village lifestyle.

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Logo Design

Paperbag & Voucher

Final Logo Design

Final Paperbag & Voucher

Paperbag Layout


3D Rendered Dodol

2D Packaging Design

3D Rendered Packaging
Close-up 1
Close-up 2
Close-up 3

Screen Shots of Mini Web

Intro Page

Home Page

About Page

Product Page

News Page

Contact Page


WIP Illustration

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